Jun 21, 2012

Movie Time! Robots, Dracula, and more!

I added quite a few new movies to my 101 list this week! 
Here's what I watched...

1. Robocop
 I enjoyed this movie. It was a lot gorier than I expected it to be ( dont know why ), but it was entertaining. I particularly enjoyed the big military robot thing trying to go down the stairs and failing miserably.  Looking forward to the remake with Hugh Laurie!

2. Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein 
 So great!!! Legitimately funny and enjoyable. I love old movies anyway, but this is now one of my favorites. I like how Dracula has a reverse Batman thing going on...hiding the bottom of his face so you don't recognize him with an exposed face! 

3. Chronicles of Riddick
 Oh my gosh, this movie was so terrible. I feel sorry for myself for sitting through it. The only decent part was the race from the super deadly sun part, but even that I didn't understand how they would even survive in the shadows. I mean, if it's 700 degrees out, even being in the shadows it's wayyyy  deadly. Whatever. Just a really bad movie.

4. Over the Top 
I went into this movie with reallllly low expectations. It's a Stallonne movie about arm wrestling. ARM WRESTLING. What the heck?! So I was super surprised when I ended up really enjoying it. It's heartwarming and stuff. 

5. Sailor Moon S The Movie : Hearts in Ice 
I don't think I've ever watching anything Sailor Moon, I missed that part of my childhood apparently. ( I think I was an InuYasha kid ) It was okay...I liked the cat love and Luna turning human, but other than that just generic anime things going on.

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