Nov 21, 2010

Holly and Pine.

Rediscovering the beauty outside my door. I didn't even know I HAD a Holly plant in the yard (forest), but it was such a great surprise! :)

Nov 2, 2010

Shop Review - ShoriAmeshiko

When I was looking for a Halloween costume and decided on being a Moogle, this shop was the first one I came across! ShoriAmeshikomakes really cute and Japanese inspired apparel, plushies, and fanart hats. This is what I ordered.

How adorable, right? 

I officially love this hoodie. It's very well made, all the seams are neatly serged, no loose threads, and it has a nice big hood (a huge plus). The only qualms I had was the sizing, and the shortness of the hoodie. The size of the hoodie was exact to the measurements she had on her website, I just mistakenly got the medium instead of a small, because I'm never a small. lol. But luckily, I have sewing skills so that wasn't a problem at all!

The hoodie was well priced and even came with a cute moogle keychain. Customer service was good, her responses were prompt. I really recommend this seller!

Doll Face.

A little bit inspired by Amber Rose of Laughing with Broken Eyes, I decided to 'doll' myself up for some fabric and thrift shopping. Although my painted cheeks aren't as bold as they could be, I think they got the point across in a cute way. I very much like this look!


Outfit Details 
 Both tops - thrifted
Cupcake Skirt - Handmade
Pink Tights - Ralph Lauren
Boots - Thrifted
Earrings - Betsey Johnson
Purse - Modcloth

Nov 1, 2010

Halloween photo dump

A small photo dump from Halloween and the night before! Enjoy!

 Kayla, my most awesome friend, in a super creative costume!

 Downtown Blue Ridge, GA.

Love, love this shot.

Some people are so very lazy. Luckily some of them will put forth the effort to try and cover up their fails. Even if that, too, is a fail.

Super moldy pumpkin, yo!

Another photo from downtown. Super. Creepy.

Thanks for awesome friends to spend holidays with!