Jul 29, 2012

Vendor Apron - Ice Cream and Balloons

Today, some random fabrics from my stash came together to make this little cutie. A vendor apron! Everything sort of fell together, which makes for something fun and interesting rather than trying way to hard to make things match. 

The hot air balloon fabric was a large flat sheet that I found at a thrift shop ( how can people give these things away?!). The yellow tie was a former sheet as well. Seriously, if you are thrifting and come across a big sheet that is in good condition, BUY IT. They are beyond useful. The popsicle fabric was purchased at JoAnn and the floral trim was vintage and also thrifted. 

*edit*  Just made this one today with teal cotton ( yes, another sheet ), a Robert Kaufman print, a Japanese Alice glitter fabric, and vintage lace.

This came together really quickly and is a great way to combine cute fabrics and get something useful as well! Although my craft apron is self drafted, these aren't difficult to put together at all and they all look kind of similar, depending on where you put your pockets. 
If you need some tutorials, Rosey Corner Creations has good one, as does Cindy's Fabrics.

Jul 18, 2012

Genie Jafar Art Plush

The past few days I've been working on this little villain! Maybe I shouldn't say little...he's 23 inches tall, which I've found out is the perfect size for cuddling! He's made out of a wool blend felt, embroidery floss, and polyfill. His features and snazzy belt are all hand stitched, but his body is machine stitched twice. I can't wait to make a little Aladdin to go with him! He's made to order, and you can get him here!

Jul 15, 2012

Polyvore - Ursula


Ursula by wastedwishes

I'm spending way too much time on Polyvore. Here's my take on Disney's Ursula, my all time favorite Disney villain. Her awesome makeup and killer black dress are my favorite parts. Unfortunately, Polyvore is fresh out of tentacles.  

Jul 10, 2012

Thrift Haul - 7/10/2012

Today gave me two of my favorite things...ice cream and thrift stores! I ate the ice cream before it could be documented, but here are the fun things that I found...

 Some super neat Congress Bridge "Hussars" cards. 

 Seven 70s kids patterns. I can't get over how CUTE the one in the foreground is. 

 Two vintage plates. 

Vintage poker chips. For when I'm in a gamblin' mood...which is never.

Jul 4, 2012

Some DIY...

I've been wanting to procure some neat cards to hold my button sets. So I used some cardstock, black ink, and some neat rubber stamps to create my own! Simple to do and incredibly customizable for a very low cost