Oct 23, 2009

Etsy Finds - Candy Colored

I thought I'd share my latest Etsy obsessions! These are totally on my x-mas wishlist...if they aren't snatched up by then!

1. This super awesome Candy Ribcage Tee by AppleNoggin. Is that not the most amazing shirt ever? Must. Have.

2. Super sweet Neopolitan Cupcake scarf , made by KellyzKreationz. Perfect for making cold weather much more fun!

3. Vivifromage always has the coolest clothing. This handmade sushi skirt is no exception!

4. I just love this mini Lime Sherbet print by Kecky. The colors just pop! How pretty would this be hanging on a wall?

Here's hoping Boyfriend gets the hint. ;)

Thrift Haul - 10/23/09

Thrifting today! I didn't find too much, but got some neat-o stuff. Well...I like them anyway. Phillip wasn't too amazed by the Hercules plate that I just had to have. ;) All in all, it came to about $1.20.

1. Red polkadot skinny belt
2. Super sweet rainbow mug
3. Megara plate (come ON!)
4. Vintage...food fabric? I actually dont know what this is...but I like it. ;)

Oh...and this...

Sometimes I get the urge to sing "A whole new world" in the car. So sue me.

Oct 10, 2009

Birthday time with Blink 182.

My 21st birthday was on Wednesday, and it was wonderful! I woke up to a couple surprises...

This amazingly awesome Harley Quinn figure statue from Ame-Comi.

And Alice in Wonderland on dvd!

Then we left for Atlanta to see these guys in concert! Traffic was hell, but finally getting to see Blink 182 in concert was so worth it. The energy in the crowd was crazy! They put on a wonderful show.

Tomorrow afternoon I'm having a fall themed birthday party. Treats for all!

Oct 1, 2009

October and...a puppy?

This morning, I was doing some reading on the couch when I heard some rustling outside the front door. The cat heard it too, and was freaking out (as she does...because she's batshit crazy), so I opened the door and looked outside.

See what I found? This poor, pitiful, super skinny dog!

She was shaking horribly (it was a cold morning) and was really skittish, she wouldn't come anywhere near us. So we dug out a bag of cheap catfood and poured her out a little pile, which she quickly gobbled up. We've since gotten dog food and a bowl of water for her, which we put on the porch.

She's finally let us get near enough to pet her, and even nuzzled our hands! She's breaking my heart, so adorable and badly cared for. So we're getting her some flea medication, and scheduling a vet visit. I just hope nothing too serious is wrong with her (she's limping), and that it's not going to cost an arm and a leg to get her in good health.

What do you think? Do you think I'm crazy for taking her in? I know it's going to be a lot more work, but she needs love so badly. I'd love to hear your thoughts, or adoption stories!