Apr 27, 2011

Downtown Cruising.

We've had severe storm warnings all morning, but we fearlessly braved the streets in search of pre-owned trinkets. Some hair was blown out of place, we came out unscathed.

We started out the day with a banana caramel latte and a slice of chocolate cake. Super delish and it provided a much needed sugar rush. Well, maybe not needed. But delicious anyway.

Here's some of the things we found but didn't buy.

 I don't even have words...this thing was knee length. Serious.

I loved all these bottles and random tools. 

This toy crib 'mattress' was beyond adorable. Wouldn't that be the cutest fabric?!

This dollhouse dresser needs a place in my home. I covet. So much.

And here's what I actually bought. Big spender here...

Tin Man happy meal toy (or so I'm assuming). Its eyes open and close, which is pretty creepy. And a vintage picture. $3.70 for both.

We'll close this post with some roosters cruising the downtown scene. Gotta love Blue Ridge.

Apr 17, 2011

Thrift Haul - 04/17/2011

 This weekend, I...

1. I had a delicious glass of strawberry sprite! The strawberries were from the orchard where I work, the first of the season. Also note the beautiful glassware (which I adore).

2. We went thrifting! I found a few new (to me) dresses and the following...

Amazing 80's sequined dress. I so wish this was in my size, but it's currently on it's way to someone who will love it very much!

I'm a sucker for Disney sheets. Or Disney anything, really.

How ridiculous is this Fiddler on the Roof artwork?!?!? Had to have it.

And a pirate hanky. For when I go " Aaarchoo!" 

3. We wandered around downtown Blue Ridge. Phillip caught up with old friends and we both bought too much candy. :)

4. And I actually got some sewing accomplished!

Rikku offered some moral support.

30 patchwork squared sewn!


A favorite...

How was your weekend?

Apr 16, 2011

Chocolate Devotion.

I went to Cold Stone Creamery for the first time yesterday. Super delicious. I got a Chocolate Devotion waffle cone (I think....there were too many choices to know for sure) and Phillip got a Strawberry waffle bowl with strawberries mixed in. I can see this being habit forming.