Mar 30, 2011

Thrift Haul - 03/30/2011

A good chunk of my March thrift store finds! Thrifting is one of my absolute favorite pastimes, and sometimes I get the coolest stuff ever.

 Disney Villains picture frame - $4.00

 Various Sewing Supplies and Fabric - $4.00

 Mushroom SET. Plate, jar, ladle, and lid. WHAAAAT?! The bottom has a Happy Birthday inscription from 1973. - $10.00

 Set of cups/bowls/???. They look like flower petals and are just adorable. - $2.50 for set of 3
 Vintage Mr. and Mrs. Bird hooks from 1970. How could I not take these home?! - $5.00

New York and Co. scarf - .50 cents

Mar 28, 2011

See? My Hogwarts letter just got lost in the mail.

Procrastination is a horrible thing. So is the fact that I am just now posting pictures of something that happened last year. I'd say that I will get better at it, but I don't like empty promises. :)

Last New Year's (2010-2011), we took a trip to Orlando, Florida. My sister had flown down from Washington to spend Christmas with her super cool sister (read: me) and one of her gifts was a surprise ticket to Universal Studios! The two of us are huuuuuge Harry Potter fans. The annoying kind. The kind that has Harry/Snape slash as our desktop and quote passages from the books at every possible moment. So I planned a weekend road trip to fulfill our Hogwarts fantasies! Here are a ton of pictures from that trip. 

The Hog's Head. Quench your thirst with some butterbeer, pumpkin juice, or something a bit harder!

Hm...which way?

In line to purchase my Chocolate Frog and Pumpkin Juice. Pumpkin juice, by the way, is astoundingly delicious.

The Owlery.

Hagrid invited us in for some tea and rock cakes.

My first taste of Pumpkin Juice. It's like a mix of apple cider and pumpkin pie. To die for.

My lovely sister. She just can't decide!

Entering Hogwarts...

A row of shops.

Hogwarts! Oh, so majestic!

Entering the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

We caught a bit of ribbon waving. Notice the stoic Durmstrang boys looking sullen in the back.

Take me!

There were sooo many sweets that I wanted in HoneyDukes, mainly for the packaging!

After a particularly awful Bernie Bott's Every Flavor Bean. I think they got vomit.

Said beans.

Remember to bow!

Inside the DADA classroom!

I had a complete blast! It is such an experience going through the shops and classrooms of the Hogwarts world, and I'm so glad I went. I really recommend it!

Mar 14, 2011


Also featuring...what I had for breakfast! I know, I spoil you. :)

Jacket - thrifted ( no idea as to the brand)
Striped Shirt - Goody's
Plaid Skirt - Vintage, thrifted, and hemmed about 10 inches.
Underskirt - Target
Tights - Walmart
Necklaces - Fable and Fury and (not seen) keyblade pendant

Mar 13, 2011

Shop Review - Acrylicana

I've bought from Acrylicana a few times, but never for myself! Their adorable earrings make fantastic last minute Christmas presents and everyone always loves them. Mary Winkler, the lady behind the cuteness, provides super great customer service and a unique product, as well as very effective branding. I can always tell when it's Acrylicana! See if you can catch of her vlogs on youtube, the girl is crazy awesome.

I bought a cotton candy pendant, and was given a keychain as an appreciated extra. It arrived quickly and shipping prices were very reasonable. Which is awesome. Because nothing stinks like outrageous postage.

 How handy, she provided websites!

Here's one more for you, go check it out!

Mar 10, 2011


 Skin color fail.
Tomorrow I will pack black, plastic bags full of things to give away, and put them in the trunk of the car so we do not forget they exist. Tomorrow I will clean my upstairs rooms to make them amazingly cozy and fun to be in once again. Tomorrow I will be happy and productive. Tomorrow I will wear bright colors on my face. Tomorrow I will light candles all over the house so it smells like Spring. Tomorrow I will have the best day ever.