Jun 21, 2012

Movie Time! Robots, Dracula, and more!

I added quite a few new movies to my 101 list this week! 
Here's what I watched...

1. Robocop
 I enjoyed this movie. It was a lot gorier than I expected it to be ( dont know why ), but it was entertaining. I particularly enjoyed the big military robot thing trying to go down the stairs and failing miserably.  Looking forward to the remake with Hugh Laurie!

2. Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein 
 So great!!! Legitimately funny and enjoyable. I love old movies anyway, but this is now one of my favorites. I like how Dracula has a reverse Batman thing going on...hiding the bottom of his face so you don't recognize him with an exposed face! 

3. Chronicles of Riddick
 Oh my gosh, this movie was so terrible. I feel sorry for myself for sitting through it. The only decent part was the race from the super deadly sun part, but even that I didn't understand how they would even survive in the shadows. I mean, if it's 700 degrees out, even being in the shadows it's wayyyy  deadly. Whatever. Just a really bad movie.

4. Over the Top 
I went into this movie with reallllly low expectations. It's a Stallonne movie about arm wrestling. ARM WRESTLING. What the heck?! So I was super surprised when I ended up really enjoying it. It's heartwarming and stuff. 

5. Sailor Moon S The Movie : Hearts in Ice 
I don't think I've ever watching anything Sailor Moon, I missed that part of my childhood apparently. ( I think I was an InuYasha kid ) It was okay...I liked the cat love and Luna turning human, but other than that just generic anime things going on.

Jun 18, 2012

Neon Snails

While we were out running some errands in town today, we hit up a thrift store and I left with this amazing vintage tablecloth for the low price of $1! 

It's covered in bright green snails and is in great condition, no stains or anything. I have never seen a snail tablecloth before! They're adorable. Well, as adorable as snails can be.

The tag reads " The Lilly - Leacock & Company"

Jun 16, 2012

Movie Time! Facehuggers and Xenomorphs

First thing kind of getting crossed off my list! Phillip went out and saw Prometheus last night with a friend, while I stayed home and had some alone time. Not that I wouldn't have loved to see Michael Fassbender ( that man is super attractive), but I had never seen any Alien movie and had no desire to start. 
However, after he got back home we ended up putting in ALIENS, the second of the series. Let me just say that I am not a scary movie girl.Yes, ALIENS is a sci-fi action flick, but I jump at EVERYTHING. I'm sure watching this movie with me was very entertaining. I liked it, though! The Queen was crazy awesome and creepy and facehuggers scuttling menacingly around the floor was entertaining. I don't really care to watch any of the others, but at least now I've seen a movie that pretty much everyone else has.Although Phillip did tell me the gist of the third movie, which I didn't care for. I mean, you're going to kill off two of the survivors of Aliens in the opening of the next movie? Cheap.

101 in 1001 - The List

I'm attempting this project for the second time. The first time I lost steam and so much changed in my life, so this is try number two. This list is a mix of long term dreams and the things I want to do but always forget. Additionally, I love making lists so this is just fun for me. :)

Start date : June 9th, 2012       End date : March 7th 2015

Key - In Progress   Completed

1. Make a set of handmade, fall scented candles.
2. Make 25 different desserts to enjoy. 
3. Have one of my designs printed through Threadless, Teefury, etc...
4. Design and purchase my own fabric through Spoonflower.
5. Make woven friendship bracelets for myself and Morgan.
6. Learn to make mom's curry and roti.
7. Complete 10 video games.
8. Complete 5 Craftster swaps.
9. Drink only water and tea for 30 days.
10. Visit another country.
11. Have a proper, English tea party.
12. Go to Disneyworld and stay in an onsite hotel. 
13. Read 65 new books.
14. Get a professional massage.
15. Participate in a craft fair.
16. Get my weight below 165.
17. Try 50 new recipes for delicious foods. No desserts.
18. Use a vintage pattern to make myself a cute dress.
19. Get a tattoo.
20. Stretch my ears up to a 00.
21. Acquire a new couch for the living room.
22. Go to a zoo.
23. Develop branding for my business.
24. Finish and develop prints for 20 works of art.
25. Get a manicure for the first time!
26. Relearn French enough to read a book in the language!
27. Create a daily vitamin regimen.
28. Complete a 5 day juice fast.
29. Eat vegetarian for a month.
30. Create a legit photo album with all our memories.
31. Make Morgan a Nightwing hoodie.
32. Take a trip to Savannah, Georgia.
33. Go to the doctor for a check-up.
34. Purchase some new Converse in black.
35. Take a trip to the beach!
36. Make 20K a year.
37. Make myself a Red Riding Hood costume.
38. Wear a handmade costume to a convention.
39. Get some clay and sculpt something.
40. Go to an Estate Sale.
41. Complete and frame a needlepoint creation.
42. Make 10 pieces of clothing for myself.
43. Do Karaoke.  
44. *private*
45. Participate in Nanowrimo.
46. Purchase all the "Hollows" books in hardcover.
47. Try 10 new restaurants.
48. Put together some potted plants for the porch.
49. Take a thrift store road trip.
50. Get my drivers license.
51. Learn to read Tarot cards.
52. Buy a new set of high quality undies.
53. Reupholster a chair.
54. Paint something on a large scale.
55. Get 10 new vinyl figures for my collection.
56. Make a Holiday dinner for Phillip's parents.
57. Buy fresh flowers once a month for a year.
58. Repaint a custom Pullip doll.
59. Update my cellular device.
60. Complete my VHS black diamond collection.
61. Redecorate the bedroom.
62. Take a photo every day for a month.
63. Visit 5 new states.
64. Go on a camping trip with Phillip.
65. Stockpile packing materials for shop.
66. Purchase a new computer.
67. Do yoga every morning for a month.
68. Streamline my shop and have a defined aesthetic.
69. Rewatch an entire TV series.
70. Make an elaborately decorated cake.
71. Buy a PS3 and Little Big Planet.
72. Catch fireflies.
73. Watch 50 new (to me) movies.
74. Take a trip via train.
75. Get Houdini fixed.
76. Draw a short comic.
77. Create a practical daily exercise routine.
78. Own a car.
79. Draw 10 video game pinups.
80. Write songs based off of 3 of my poems.
81. Crochet something.
82. Build a homemade gingerbread house.
83. Complete a 1000+ piece puzzle.
84. Make some DIY spiky shoes.
85. Go to the Highland Games at Stone Mountain.
86.Make something out of chainmaille.
87. Make bread for a month instead of buying it.
88. No sweets for 30 days.
89. Learn to make a corset.
90. Save $3,000
91. Fill up my water jug of change.
92. Create 5 custom dolls for MYSELF based on pop culture characters.
93. Buy something I really want and not feel bad about it.
94. Buy 10 art prints from my favorite artists.
95. Write Phillip a love letter.
96. Grow a fruit tree.
97. Have an entirely handmade Christmas.
98. Build something out of wood.
99. Fill an entire sketchbook without tearing any pages out.
100. Visit my aunts.
101. Make a new list!

Jun 4, 2012

A Visit to the Aquarium...

Let me preface this post by saying that I'm so terrible at keeping up with my photos, it's pathetic. 

We took a trip to the Chattanooga Aquarium last year, and it was so enjoyable! This particular aquarium has two sections; a saltwater building, and its freshwater counterpart. This was really nice as we were able to visit one section, break for lunch, then finish the tour afterwards. If you live in Tennessee or a neighboring state, it's really a great place to visit.

 Prepare for a lot of photos of things in water.


Cardigan - Forever 21
            Dress - Thrifted
            Skirt - Delias
            Tights - We Love Colors
            Flats - Thrifted
            Necklace - Handmade