Oct 26, 2010


Observation : If you look at the word 'camouflage' long enough, it ceases to be a word. In fact, it doesn't make sense at all and almost seems like a kind of mucus. Which is another weird word.


Obviously, this is a very fall inspired outfit. I found this cardigan for a dollar at a local thrift store, and although mustard isn't a color (or a condiment) that I usually go for, I snatched it up. But I actually really like it! To stop the outfit from being to overwhelmingly coordinated, I threw in these bright blue tights. The beanie I got in a craftster fall swap last year, and I love love love it! I might contact the girl again to make me some more in turquoise, forest green, and...mustard *gasp*. This could be a new obsession...

 I look certifiably insane in this picture. lol

Outfit Details

Cardigan - Thrifted and super cheap - NY&CO
Tank top - Thrifted
Skirt - Rue 21
Tights - Walmart (and a dollar!)
Boots - Thrifted
Heart Purse - Modcloth
Ring - Prize from the childrens Sack Races that I helped out with at work.
Necklaces - Handmade and Claire's
Beanie - Handmade, craftster swap

Wielding a knife...

Pumpkin picking and carving are a couple of my favorite fall pastimes. And as long as there are pumpkins for sale, you can bet that I'll be taking advantage of all the seasonal fun that these vegetables offer. Here's a little photo dump of our pumpkin-tastic afternoon.



Oct 19, 2010

Per Pound

Enough Said.