Nov 13, 2009

A use for scraps.

Meet my new obsession...

I love making these! It's such a great way to use up all the little scraps that I have laying around. How cute would these be on a jacket or sweater? I have a small army of fabric covered buttons all made up, now to put them to use! Some of them ( including these) are just going to be sold as supplies, but I can't wait to use others in upcoming projects.

Nov 6, 2009


Elephant wristlet. Finally, a new item!

I haven't made anything in a very long time. Work just keeps sapping all my energy, and I just haven't felt like staying up late to sew. Well, no more of that! I'm going to try and pump out at least one item a day. That can be art, pouches, pillows, whatever. Just something creative.

We'll see what happens. ;)

Making faces.

Today has been a lovely, lazy day. We took the dog for her vet visit, and then came back home for some silly picture taking. I always have my camera with me, but sometimes completely forget to take any pictures! I need to get better at that. :)

Happy face...

Or in Phillip's case...slightly scary face....

Sad face....

His faces are so much more impressive.

Nov 2, 2009

Go go, Power Rangers.

I hope you all had a fantastic Halloween weekend!

Phillip and I went downtown with some friends, but it had started to rain so we just decided to head on home and have a little party. Here are a few pictures from that night!

Speed Racer and Red Ranger (boyfriend). Will fight giant monsters for food!

Me and Phillip. I'm wearing my absolute favorite hoodie shrug from SmarmyClothes.
Our super totally awesome pumpkin cake! Not pumpkin flavored, though...

Me and Kayla ( Alex from Clockwork Orange)

I love my friends. ( And, apparently, so does my boyfriend!)

Here's hoping you all had a great time!

Oct 23, 2009

Etsy Finds - Candy Colored

I thought I'd share my latest Etsy obsessions! These are totally on my x-mas wishlist...if they aren't snatched up by then!

1. This super awesome Candy Ribcage Tee by AppleNoggin. Is that not the most amazing shirt ever? Must. Have.

2. Super sweet Neopolitan Cupcake scarf , made by KellyzKreationz. Perfect for making cold weather much more fun!

3. Vivifromage always has the coolest clothing. This handmade sushi skirt is no exception!

4. I just love this mini Lime Sherbet print by Kecky. The colors just pop! How pretty would this be hanging on a wall?

Here's hoping Boyfriend gets the hint. ;)

Thrift Haul - 10/23/09

Thrifting today! I didn't find too much, but got some neat-o stuff. Well...I like them anyway. Phillip wasn't too amazed by the Hercules plate that I just had to have. ;) All in all, it came to about $1.20.

1. Red polkadot skinny belt
2. Super sweet rainbow mug
3. Megara plate (come ON!)
4. fabric? I actually dont know what this is...but I like it. ;)

Oh...and this...

Sometimes I get the urge to sing "A whole new world" in the car. So sue me.

Oct 10, 2009

Birthday time with Blink 182.

My 21st birthday was on Wednesday, and it was wonderful! I woke up to a couple surprises...

This amazingly awesome Harley Quinn figure statue from Ame-Comi.

And Alice in Wonderland on dvd!

Then we left for Atlanta to see these guys in concert! Traffic was hell, but finally getting to see Blink 182 in concert was so worth it. The energy in the crowd was crazy! They put on a wonderful show.

Tomorrow afternoon I'm having a fall themed birthday party. Treats for all!

Oct 1, 2009

October and...a puppy?

This morning, I was doing some reading on the couch when I heard some rustling outside the front door. The cat heard it too, and was freaking out (as she does...because she's batshit crazy), so I opened the door and looked outside.

See what I found? This poor, pitiful, super skinny dog!

She was shaking horribly (it was a cold morning) and was really skittish, she wouldn't come anywhere near us. So we dug out a bag of cheap catfood and poured her out a little pile, which she quickly gobbled up. We've since gotten dog food and a bowl of water for her, which we put on the porch.

She's finally let us get near enough to pet her, and even nuzzled our hands! She's breaking my heart, so adorable and badly cared for. So we're getting her some flea medication, and scheduling a vet visit. I just hope nothing too serious is wrong with her (she's limping), and that it's not going to cost an arm and a leg to get her in good health.

What do you think? Do you think I'm crazy for taking her in? I know it's going to be a lot more work, but she needs love so badly. I'd love to hear your thoughts, or adoption stories!

Sep 11, 2009

Etsy Finds - Autumn lovelies

Hello folks! Fall is in the air, and boy am I excited. Almost ridiculously so. I adore autumn, it's the best season ever so I've started celebrating early. Here's a small selection of lovelies from the pages of Etsy to get you in the mood. *Yeah, baby*

1. First up is this very cool necklace from BeatBlack. You should definitely give this shop a once over, as there is a great selection of curious and strange poly clay jewelry. They've got brains, candy...what more could a girl want?

2. Yes, I know you all probably already know about emandsprout . But look at these shoes! Completely adorable. They've got so many designs and sizes, so you're bound to find something you can't live without.

3. I heart acorns. And acorn couples with little bows? Amazing. These little cuties are from thetinyfig. They're having a sale right now, 50% off everything in the shop! Whatta deal, eh?

4. And last, something from me . I'm getting into the Halloween spirit too! A set of 2 patchwork placemats, perfect for a couple or small family. I've got a small stash of seasonal supplies, so expect more awesomeness! Maybe even some...dare I say A first for me, so we'll see how it turns out.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Sep 8, 2009

New art from DragonCon!

This past Sunday, a group of friends and I went to DragonCon in Atlanta. This was our second time going and we had a great time! Awesome costumes, great artists, and overpriced autographs galore! We only got a couple autographs, one from Tom Felton i.e. Draco Malfoy, who was so nice and funny (and super cute...I had a geeky fangirl moment...), and another from Doug Bradley, who played Pinhead in Hellraiser.

I also got some prints from some very talented artists!

This first one is by Iris Chen. I loved all her stuff, and looked through her books about 10 times before I decided on this. You should definitely visit her website and have a look around!

The second artist that I purchased from was fantasy artist Ash Evans. This little shop was very friendly and had a huge selection of different prints! I got two, Witching Hour and Wonderland. Ash's website also sells a variety of candles, fabric, greeting cards, and many other items. Go check it out!


Sep 5, 2009


I won a giveaway! My first ever from Willy-Nilly Waterlily. I got a couple very cute little Japanese iron ons. I'll have to find the perfect project for it.

You should definitely check out their very cute shop, where you can find things just like this! Adorable crocheted things to make you smile. :)

Aug 23, 2009

Super Hero Wannabe

I love, love comic books.
Batman, Gen 13, Nightwing, JTHM, anything. And I think I need this outfit, just so everyone knows how deeply my love goes. :)

Aug 22, 2009

Sketchy Sketch

I finally tried making a sketchbook, using a great tutorial that I found here . I altered it a bit, making it bigger and using a great paper instead of fabric, and it still needs some fine tuning, but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out! This one will be a part of a care package for my sister, who starts college in a couple weeks. *Whoo education!*

I will leave you with this picture that I found on google. I have no idea where it is from, but it's super cool.

I know!

Aug 15, 2009

2 years and counting!

First picture together. :)

Today is mine and Phillip's two year anniversary! This time in 2007, I flew down to Georgia to meet Phillip for the first time. We spent a week making sock puppets, watching obscure movies, and getting lost in the backwoods of Georgia. I flew home, packed, and moved down here 2 weeks later. Now it's been 2 years and I can honestly say I'm the happiest I've ever been. Sometimes love finds you in the strangest places *cough* *cough* So, happy anniversary Butt-face! I love you!

Here's what he gave me today.

A halloween cookie jar! How freaking cool is this?! I filled it with candy, so it smells like Halloween when you open it.

And another cookie jar! I didn't even know I wanted a collection of these, but apparently I do! This one I might actually fill with cookies. :)

Aug 13, 2009


Yesterday, a friend and I spent the afternoon having some quality girl time. Which never seems to happen enough! We hit up all the thrift stores, got some lunch, and proceeded to wander around downtown Blue Ridge. Even though I live very close by, I rarely take the time to wander about all the little shops. One of the places we stopped is a little boutique called BellaEuphoria. And look what I got! The cutest wrapping paper ever. I got two rolls of it and am thinking of trying out some handbound sketchbooks and journals, with this as the cover. Phillip thinks that it's ridiculous, but I love the crap out of it.

I thought this was cute as well, the tag includes a little seed packet of forget-me-nots! Very clever and I definately won't!

I'll leave you with this image of a horrifying doll that Kayla found at a thrift store. May this haunt you the rest of the night. :)

Aug 8, 2009

80's cartoon swap

I just recieved my package for an 80's Cartoon Swap on Craftster that I was in, and had to show off my goodies! Everything was so amazing and was a great way to start out the day. Here are a couple of my favorites...I got a LOT more, but didn't want to bog you down with tons of pictures. :)

A TMNT backpack! It is so gosh darn colorful, I love it mucho...

A MLP needlebook. The detail on this thing is stunning. This was the first thing I pulled out of the box. So pretty!

Ghostbusters x-stitch bookmark.

She also made Phillip this awesome etched Ghostbusters mug. Thumbs up!

Thanks, darlin! It was one of my favorite swaps ever!