Oct 10, 2008

Technicolor Vomit.

The garden.

I keep getting more and more irritated with technology. We were watching Sleeping Beauty (fantastic birthday gift), when out of the blue, the screen went all crazy 3-D, colors everywhere, like technicolor vomit. (Great image). It's completely ruined, and if we were to fix it, it would just break again in about a year.

Apparently that particular tv is complete crap. And I'm starting to mistrust any television with a plexiglass screen that wobbles when you touch it. Call me crazy, but I prefer the old school, boxy sets with an inch thick glass front. Plus, why spend a thousand plus on a set that's going to last maybe 5 years.


On a happier note, P's dad found us this amazing vintage trunk in his basement to hold our new, smaller tv.

Isn't it amazing?! It needs some love, but it's going to be epic. I love the huge buckles and hardware...and just the size of this thing. They dont make these anymore!

Another plus? When we looked inside there was a box of vintage buttons, thread, and other notions, all unopened! (though slightly damaged) I love the thread in particular, especially the wooden spools they come on. Stars! Who'd have thought...