Nov 11, 2008

A day to myself...

It's not until tomorrow, but I really am looking forward to it. Not that I dont love my boyfriend, but sometimes you just need a little alone time to gather your thoughts and do whatever you want...however silly it may be. Like, say dancing around the house singing tv game show themes. He's off to a friend's place, to watch movies...and movies...and more movies. I have no idea how they can sit for 6 or so hours in front of a television. I think I'd go insane. I do love embroidering in front of the tv though. Go figure.

I plan to do some painting, and some drawing, both things that I've put on the back burner for quite some time now. I've been so caught up in the world of fabric, crafting, and sewing that I've seriously neglected one of my first loves. So! We'll see how that goes. My painting skills are not what they once were (if they were anything...)
A couple new creations for you!

Gotta love those fuzzy dinosaurs...I'm not sure why I call it a dino. It oculd be any manner of fuzzy monsterous creature. Maybe it's the Barney-esque pink color. No matter. It's cute anyway.And a very cool tmnt shoulder bag. I love Donatello. I was always drawn to the introspective ones. ;)

Nov 1, 2008

Hey, Blue Ranger! Where's your helmet?

Blue Ranger (sans helmet) vs. Ash Excuse me... triceraranger... *cue eye roll*

Happy (belated) Halloween!
We had a lot of fun last night, parading around. The sad thing about living in such a small area, is that people's costumes generally arent creative or original at all. Except for the off inflatable toucan or giant head, the majority of children just weren't up to snuff.
Not that i can talk. I didnt end up finishing my costume, so I made myself a candy corn skirt to wear instead. At least I was in the spirit!

And in answer to the question...Ohio. The ranger mask is in fucking Ohio. Nevertheless, people still knew who he was, although he did get some snickers. (not the chocolatey kind). One of these years, he's going to be the Green Ranger, and I'll be the pink one.

Note: He is a zyuranger. Not a power ranger. He was quite stern about this differance. (If you watch the japanese Zyuranger, its very good. I recommend it.)
Dorothy and Ash (from Evil Dead, if you dont know) He had this amazing mini chainsaw that he found at a dollar store, which was PERFECT.

After some cookie cake, smarties, and beverages everyone headed home and I did a small Samhain ritual. ( i was tired.) It was a very good night. ^_^ Hope everyones was safe and filled with candy!

Hapy new year!