Mar 29, 2010

Starting the day...

With a lovely breakfast.

A friend of mine recently got back from a Disney cruise, and brought back this Unbirthday tea for me to try out. Very sweet of her, and it is exceptionally tasty! That along with some chocolate raspberry cookies make for a very sweet start to the day.

Mar 18, 2010

Etsy Finds - Gamer

Lately, all I've been playing is old school nintendo. Well, that and some Mario Kart for Wii, but you get the idea. Megaman, Mario, Castlevania...throw in some Donkey Kong and you're set.

Look kickass and cozy in this crocheted Megaman Helmet by OneDopeGirl

This hand painted Donkey Kong 'munny' is perfect for any video game fan! One of a kind and really cute! By PopArtPirate.

I can't even say how adorable this Mario Bros. ring is! The artist has a nice selection in her shop, with Mario, Zelda, and Alice in Wonderland. By LiyoLabs.

And there's no way I could do a Nintendo feature without showing you this awesome Gameboy dress by SewOeno. It's definitely on my must have list.

That sums up this weeks things to love! Now go play something!