Feb 14, 2010

DIsney orgy on a day of love

Happy Valentines day everyone!

Okay, okay...this is what Phillip got me.

Want a better look?

Sorry if you're offended by classic characters being rowdy and perverted, but I freaking love it. The title is Disney Memorial Orgy. It's by Paul Krassner, who used to work for the Disney company. And it is amazing.

After present opening we went to go get some sushi. Which, by the way, was super delicious. No pictures of the food, because we were too hungry!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day of love. :)

Feb 10, 2010

Steampunk and Lace

New skirt! And about time too. I dislike hemming circle skirts, so I decided to trim it in a double layered lace instead and am so glad I did! There's also a cute fabric covered button from my stash, which goes so well. I love it!

I love the lining fabric as well. It almost looks tea stained or something.

Grab it while you can!

Buttons, buttons...

Yes, more of those. I can't help it! They're just so stinken cute. The thing that's especially pathetic is how happy I get when I hold a huge handful of them. Anyone? Or is it just me?