Jan 22, 2011

This could use a little more sonic...

A testament to me and my boyfriend's obsession with Doctor Who. It's pretty serious, folks.

Outfit Details:
lace edged cardigan - White House Black Market, thrifted
dress - Tickets, thrifted
Necklace - FableandFury on Etsy
tights - walmart
sonic screwdriver - courtesy of The Doctor

Jan 19, 2011

Thrift Haul - 01/19/2011

I was part of the Pokemon generation. You know, one of those kids. I knew each of the creatures by name, evolutionary level, & type, and could rattle off this information with ease. Had the games, watched the show, collected the cards.

As with most things, my fascination dwindled and my collection of the trading cards somehow got scattered and lost. Enter last week's thrifting adventure!

Yep, a whole set of cards for fifty cents. What?! Now, with Bulbasaur, Dratini, and Weedle on my side I can get my geek on.

Also, a tapestry cat puzzle.

Jan 2, 2011

Etsy Finds - January

Here are some of my current favorite things on Etsy.

Green Cephalopod Embroidery by Melindamaire - $35.00

Purple amethyst crystal pendant by BrillianceFound - $44.22

Vintage Crewel Art by BDVintage - $30.00

RAWRosaur by lubu - $100.00

Dinosaur Seatbelt Cover by Talkproof - $21.00