Sep 8, 2012

Thrift Haul - Craft Books

 I love craft books. Regardless if it's a craft that I actually know or not, I'm drawn to them from across a thrift store and immediately start digging through piles of dusty novels. 

Today it seemed like someone's collection was donated, as there was a ridiculous amount of needlework and cross stitch books available. These were the only ones that appealed to me, as I'm not overly fond of country bears and bunnies wearing bonnets. Plus, they were only 50 cents each. Win.

I also have a 'thing' for Victorian needlework. Especially those huge embroidered rugs (how could you walk on those?). This fox design is just the best. Everything in my house will be covered in foxes. In addition to cute animals, this book also has patterns for some great geometric patterns. Which is pretty neat.

 There was also this book (Chinese?), which was a random find for this small Georgia town. I don't understand a thing, but there are some really cute designs and I'm sure with some study I can make out the patterns if nothing else.

 Lastly, "Complete Guide to Sewing - Reader's Digest 1976". These books are great. Instructions are included for anything you could want. From including pockets, to tailoring a jacket, etc. Amazing. And dead useful. There are even patterns in the back of the book for pencil pillows and such!