May 25, 2012

A Beary Melty Day.

Today gave me...

The cutest sleeping kitty.
This is Houdini, the magic adventurer cat and the newest addition to our family.

Iced Ginger Peach tea. Perfect for the ridiculously hot weather we're experiencing. 

The opportunity to organize our collection of refrigerator magnets. We have quite a few.

  A very melty bunny


a visitor who decided to eat said bunny.

It enjoyed the treat, which by this time was almost completely melted onto our gravel driveway. After it's meal it scampered back into the forest.

 It's times like these I really love where I live. :)

May 22, 2012

Character Cove - Harry Potter Plushies!

 Today, I thought I'd introduce you to Character Cove, a new Etsy shop that caters to those who love geekery, plushies, and all things cute and cuddly. Each plush is entirely hand sewn ( no machines! ) out of felt and reclaimed fabrics. Although the owner is currently busy with Harry Potters, she takes custom orders and is happy to make you a plush friend from your favorite fandom. 

My personal Harry Potter has become one of my favorite things. It's displayed on my bookcase, and I love seeing it there, next to the books that I grew up with. It's incredibly well made, detailed, and obviously made with love. And at less than $50 a doll? Total deal. 

This one is mine! :)

May 19, 2012

Petite Hip Bag - New Design!

I'm currently working out the kinks in a new bag pattern that I whipped up, so here are a few of my test versions. Really, the only thing that I keep changing is the width of the bag, and the width of the strap, but I think the Peter Pan version is pretty close to perfect.

The bag has a front zipper pocket that is the size of the entire bag, and there is an interior pocket as well. It measures roughly 8 1/2" x 11" and hits right at the hip. It also closes with a magnetic snap. Pretty good size for carrying your essentials, and not having a heavy purse on your shoulder. I think that it will be a particularly good size for walking around theme parks or doing touristy things.


May 17, 2012

Double Thrift Haul - 05/17/2012

Last weekend, we went to the local flea market for the first time in...well, a long time. It was a fun outing, and here's what I found! 

 1. Vintage Ceramic White Rabbit ( with pocketwatch! ). $2.00
2. Collection of Promo Movie Pins and chibi Ariel. $5

Following that up with a thrift store run where I got...

1. The Rescuers Down Under on VHS. $.99
2. Two 1986 Popples Crib Sheets. (will not be used for babies). $2.00
3. Two yards of vintage fabric. This is SO neat. $ .50
4. Power Rangers tee. $2.50

May 15, 2012

Etsy Finds - Cosmic Aspirations

I just really love this. A space witch? With a cat in the backseat? Yes. 
Found at ManateesToyBox .

Possibly the greatest luggage tag ever. All the other suitcases will be jealous. 

Okay, I had to include at least something with the super trendy galaxy print. Like these gorgeous Doc Martens! Found at jfellomartinez.

The packaging for this model kit is so perfect. How great would this look at your workstation?
Found at potus31.

May 14, 2012


 I had so much fun with this! Browsing Polyvore is so much fun, but I thought I'd make it a little more interesting and try to re-create the outfits of some of my favorite Disney villains. First up, Cruella! I have to admit that I felt a little guilty looking up fur coats and bags ( poor foxes! ), but Cruella's tastes are what they are, and she wouldn't settle for anything less.I also enjoyed picking outrageously expensive garments because, well, she can afford it!


Hervé Léger zipper dress
£770 -

Matthew Williamson shrug jacket
$2,450 -

Christian Louboutin patent leather pumps
$625 -

Prada tote bag
$2,895 -

$193 -

Glass earrings
$25 -

Aspinal of London vintage leather glove
$169 -

Le Metier de Beaute lip makeup
$32 -

Illamasqua beauty product
£17 -

May 5, 2012

All the Dwarves have tea.

The weather has been sooo incredible lately, so I'm constantly feeling the need to get out of the house and DO something. Today that happened to be heading downtown for an iced mocha and cream cheese brownie and browsing through one of the many antique stores in the area. I only found one thing ( in the bathroom, no less) but it is SUCH a thing...I love it.

It's a Reutter porcelain Disney tea set from, I'm guessing the early to mid 90s. I can't find it anywhere online but it's way cool. I'm such a child of Disney, it's ridiculous.