May 27, 2009


So, I admit I was skeptical about ArtFire. The layout isn't as clean as Etsy, I wasn't sure if people even bought stuff on there, and I didn't really think I would sell anything on it. I made an account about an hour ago, and I hadn't even finished listing my items when, would you believe it, I got a sale! So, of course, I went running to Phillip yelling " I sold something, I sold something!", only to run back to the computer to check again. After a LONG time of no sales on Etsy, this definitely raised my spirits. So, tomorrow, my retro owls pouch will be on its way to Nevada!

It's such a great feeling, having someone want to pay for something you have made. I'm sure all you crafters feel the same. There's nothing like it. :)

Bye, Bye Owlies!

May 26, 2009

Thrift Haul - 05/26/2009

Today was one of our weekly thrifting trips, so we headed to Canton to hit up some Goodwills! And did I find some good stuff. I seriously love shopping at thrift stores. You never know when youll find something good, but when you do its the best feeling. :)

1) This completely adorable Hello Kitty mini pleated skirt. Its a bit too big for me at a size XL, but a little altering will fix that up nicely. $4.00

2. A BRAND NEW pair of amazing jeans from Banana Republic, with the tag still attached. Originally $89. Mine for $5.

3. A really cool wooden mini locker, which will soon be sanded, painted, and made awesome. $3

4. TRIPP black and red corset, in really good condition! This is also an XL, and is not so easily altered, so has made its way to ebay. Here's the listing if youre interested. Starting out at only $7!

May 22, 2009

100 Things about Me

For all you Craftster stalkers....

1. I love tattoos and body art in general. Especially old school sparrows.
2. I used to have bright pink hair...and I really miss it!
3. I'm half portugeuse, part scottish, and part native american.
4. My favorite animals include owls, deer, and bunnies.
5. I also really love sea creatures : seahorses, octopi, jellyfish
6. I love to sew.
7. I am OBSESSED with fairytales and have read the entire Brothers Grimm book at least 20 times.
8. Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite books.
9. I also really love the Hollows books by Kim Harrison.
10. Old school Super Nintendo is the most run system to play.
11. I've always wanted a hoodie with floppy bunny ears. No, Im not asking you to make one...but if you have the skills...that would rock.
12. People inspire me. They are just...seriously amazing.
13. I love to cosplay, and am going as a really evil Queen of Hearts this year..complete with ax! Off with your head!
14. Antique stores are the shit.
15. My boyfriend and I are also cosplaying as Ghostbusters this year. FYI. Proton packs are freaking HEAVY.
16. My favorite colors are green, purple, red, and black...but I like pretty much all colors.
17. My favorite colors to wear are black, red, and white.
18. My next thing to learn will be making resin jewelry. I think thats really cool.
19. I love to make lists.
20. I have a cupcake/ice cream/retro themed kitchen. Which, believe it or not, my bf actually likes.
21. HIM is one of my favorite bands. I also like Vendetta Red, Marillion, and Incubus.
22. I practice a nature oriented religon and am polythiestic.
23. I love to draw and paint, and am going to school for illustration next year.
24. Old school movie monsters ROCK. Dracula, Creature from Black Lagoon, werewolves...
25. I also really like pinups. A lot.
26. I dont like talking on the phone.
27. I love to cook.
28. I don't have television, but I have a huge collection of 700+ dvds.
29. My cat hates me. Im not sure why.
30. I put a lot of time into the swaps that I do, and youre going to be getting quality stuff!
31. I dont wear bracelets a lot.
32. I have 8 ear piercings, so I love earrings.
33. Long necklaces are great too.
34. I grew up in Seattle.
35. Now I live in a tiny town in Georgia. Go figure.
36. I have a recent obsession with Buffy the vampire slayer.
37. Thats what she said.
38. I love to play miniature golf. Especially themed miniature golf!
39. I love embroidery!
40. I also love crocheted things. Cute things. with faces.
41. I prefer silver to gold.
42. I love to go to the Highland Games. Clan Cameron, wo0t!
43. I hate it when people type wo0t.
44. I can watch hgtv all day.
45. Disneyworld/land is one of my favorite places!!!
46. Baking is a hobby of mine. And my bread making skills are improving.
47. I like being a homebody.
48. But I also like people.
49. Really talented people intimidate me.
50. Red Riding Hood is a badass.
51. I love porches. Except when there are bees. I hate bees.
52. I have a crush on Susan Sarandon.
53. And Tim Curry looks great in drag.
54. Anything japanese, weird, and cute...Im all over.
55. But I also like anything fetishy, goth, or strange.
56. Are you bored yet? My life isnt very exciting.
57. I like trees.
58. Fall is my favorite season.
59. I like candy. Any and all candy. Pixy Stix, reeses, starbursts, strange candy, etc...
60. I used to work in a candy store in SeaSide. Best job EVER.
61. Large groups of teenagers annoy me for some reason.
62. Also, kids who want to be vampires annoy me. I mean...really? Thats gross.
63. Quiznos is delicious.
64. I LOVE anime and mangas. Descendants of darkness, gravitation, paradise kiss, and tons ohers.
65. I have brown eyes.
66. And big feet. Size 10.
67. My nails are usually painted black or hot pink.
68. Grocery shopping is always fun!
69. I collect mint tins.
70. I love monsters. Especially cute ones.
71. Rainbow Brite used to be my FAVORITE SHOW!!!! I still love the crap out of it.
72. Im having a tea party for my 21st birthday. It should be epic.
73. I love art noveau.
74. I also love learning about history.
75. And differant religons, especially ancient ones.
76. Im huge into reading.
77. I can never have enough bags, shoes, or accessories.
78. I like to wear things that are a little strange and special.
79. Id love to have a beanie with bear ears on it.
80. Youre probably going to be a little spoiled...I hope thats okay!
81. I love glitter.
82. I love playing video games, but I dont think Ive ever finished anything.
83. I like ankhs and pentacles.
84. I love learning about herbs and their uses.
85. I live on the other side of the country than my family, so I only see them once a year or so.
86. Im not done with this yet?
87. I dont like gum
88. I wear a size medium in shirts.
89. I used to do ballet, for 12 years.
90. Then I did highland dancing.
91. I love archery and think its tons of fun.
92. Unicorns are awesome.
93. I want to learn Japanese.
94. I love food.
95. I like to dance when no ones watching.
96. I used to have a squirrel as a pet.
97. I enjoy made for tv fantasy shows.
98. Im really excited for this swap...
99. Youre going to get some awesome stuff...
100. IM DONE!!!!

May 18, 2009

Dino Love

I think that t shirts make the best bags. They're colorful, soft, and strong...all the things you need for a great everyday tote! Here are a couple that I recently put up.

This one is a fave, and Im so tempted to keep it. It was made from a No Boundries shirt, and a canary yellow linen. It's also got a little yellow heart button to keep things extra cute!

And then we've got the super cool Mario Bros. Plumbing tote! I love it. The image is a raised velvet, and looks vintage and awesome. Bright red lining, and a dotted base.

Ive got a huge bin of tshirts to delve into and create into bags, so more will be on the way!

May 16, 2009

Too much Christmas Crap.

Life has been so crazy lately, it's nice to just sit back and relax. Or in my case, sew! I spent a month in California visiting my aunt and helping her clean out her house and garage so she can rent it out. Holy crap. I have never seen so much stuff in one place. When I was younger I used to wonder what was in all those boxes piled high to the ceiling. Now I know.

Christmas stuff.

In every single box.

It was completely ridiculous. And it took FOREVER to get through it all. Im sure all those lights and plastic Santas are still strewn about the driveway waiting for a garage sale. On a brighter note, I found a TON of old sewing supplies, fabric, and things! I also found some clothing that used to belong to my mother when she was my age and first moved to America with her family. Which is great. I'll try and get some pictures of them soon.

On a compeltely differant note, I saw Star Trek a couple days ago. And it was completely amazing. I wish all movie remakes were that amazing. They should redo all those crappy Star Wars add ons and make them like Star Trek. I hate those Star Wars movies...