May 22, 2012

Character Cove - Harry Potter Plushies!

 Today, I thought I'd introduce you to Character Cove, a new Etsy shop that caters to those who love geekery, plushies, and all things cute and cuddly. Each plush is entirely hand sewn ( no machines! ) out of felt and reclaimed fabrics. Although the owner is currently busy with Harry Potters, she takes custom orders and is happy to make you a plush friend from your favorite fandom. 

My personal Harry Potter has become one of my favorite things. It's displayed on my bookcase, and I love seeing it there, next to the books that I grew up with. It's incredibly well made, detailed, and obviously made with love. And at less than $50 a doll? Total deal. 

This one is mine! :)

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  1. what fabric did you use to make these?! I'm making some for my friend for christmas, fleece maybe or felt?


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