Jul 31, 2009


Saw this monstrosity in the Walmart parking lot. Yeah...you bad...

Found this perfect cup that is totally me. Anyone else have this problem?

Drank some lovely tea in a perfect teacup that I found at a thrift shop.

Finally took a picture I like to show off my new bangs. I can't decide if they make me look more chic or like a 5 year old. :)


  1. You know those bangs make you look fabulous!

    Did you move to my neighborhood without telling me? I see trucks like that everyday. Ugh!

    The craft a holic thing is out of control.
    I just got a screen printer for my bday.
    Cause you know I have tons of room and time
    to open that can of worms. hahahha.

  2. Kate8085 - Oh, wow. I do hope you find time to play with your screenprinter, because that sounds like tons of fun. :) I made boyfriend follow the truck until I got a good shot of it. lol!

  3. -Living in Oklahoma, I've seen a few trucks that were similar to that one. Impressive, isn't it? I don't know about you, but I immediately want to jump into bed with a guy when I see that he drives a fine motor vehicle like that one. ;-)~

    -I do have the tendency to be a craft-a-holic, and yes, I hoard supplies like there's no tomorrow.

    -Hot tea is one of the best inventions of all time. And I agree, it seems to somehow taste better when sipped from a little teacup with loads of character. My favorite cup to drink tea from is a tiny mug with retro orange and yellow daisies all over. It's awesome.

    -Your bangs look SO cute! Not little girlish at all, just plain flattering.

  4. definatly more chick. they look awesome :-D xoxo

  5. Hollyrocks: Ha! I have a little mug from the 70s with card suit owls all over it that I love. And I completely agree. Nothing says 'sexy' like a Git er done decal on your window. ;)

    gd_xo: Thank you! I rather like them myself...:)

  6. oh my god. LOVE those banks!
    looking hot girl!

  7. I think the bangs are nice. It's great to meet another artist. Go craftaholics!


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