Jul 6, 2009


Phillidalphia roll and Shrimp Tempura sushi.

It's getting serious people. I can't seem to go 2 days without thoughts of Philly rolls, Shrimp Tempura rolls, or those delicious crab and cream cheese rangoons. To think that only a couple years ago I scoffed at the notion. How good could it be?

Pretty damn good.

And because constantly going out for sushi can burn a substantial hole in ones wallet, Boyfriend and I have decided to make our own. We tried making Philly rolls a couple weeks back, and although they tasted quite yummy...the presentation was, shall we say, lacking. So I will practice, practice, practice! And then I can have a sushi party and impress all my friends.

What's your favorite kind of sushi?


  1. Oh, yum!!
    Highlander roll, hands down is my favorite.
    Jalapenos, cream cheese, deep fried, I mean,
    its glorious.
    I am so jealous you guys are making your own.
    I guess I'll just have to come over.

  2. Kate8085 - I went to town and bought some things to make Highlander rolls with...I'm very excited. Come on over! We'll have a blast. :)

  3. i love sushi! i haven't made any in a while. i think i might since this post made me super hungry ;)


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