Jun 19, 2009


A few of my shop items have ventured into the SALE catagory! Which is good for you, and possibly good for me! I hate having things lying around, and I really want these things to be in good homes. I'm taking best offers as well, so if there's something you see that you love, but its just a bit too much, contact me! I'm always willing to haggle a little. ;)

Why the rush for a deal? I will tell you! I'm getting some money together to buy myself a nice serger, so I can start making and selling all the wonderful clothes that I have in my head, and put to good use some more awesome fabric that has been in storage. I used to make clothing, but it just wasn't of the quality I wanted. Now that I have a few more years of experiance tucked away, I think its time to start up again. I will keep you updated. I'm very excited!

Tomorrow is going to be an exciting day ( or as exciting as my days ever get). A friend is letting us borrow his PS3 and rented the new Ghostbusters game, so I will have a week or so of ghost busting action! Some lounging by the pool, getting some sushi...a fantastic weekend.

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  1. Wow! A serger! Lucky girl. Can't wait to see your new clothes!!!


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