Oct 23, 2009

Etsy Finds - Candy Colored

I thought I'd share my latest Etsy obsessions! These are totally on my x-mas wishlist...if they aren't snatched up by then!

1. This super awesome Candy Ribcage Tee by AppleNoggin. Is that not the most amazing shirt ever? Must. Have.

2. Super sweet Neopolitan Cupcake scarf , made by KellyzKreationz. Perfect for making cold weather much more fun!

3. Vivifromage always has the coolest clothing. This handmade sushi skirt is no exception!

4. I just love this mini Lime Sherbet print by Kecky. The colors just pop! How pretty would this be hanging on a wall?

Here's hoping Boyfriend gets the hint. ;)


  1. I LOVE these! I may have to fight you over them- especially the candy ribcage shirt. It's AMAZING. And you've got great taste, girl.

  2. I love the stuff you picked out! By the way, I enjoy reading your blog. =)


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