Oct 23, 2009

Thrift Haul - 10/23/09

Thrifting today! I didn't find too much, but got some neat-o stuff. Well...I like them anyway. Phillip wasn't too amazed by the Hercules plate that I just had to have. ;) All in all, it came to about $1.20.

1. Red polkadot skinny belt
2. Super sweet rainbow mug
3. Megara plate (come ON!)
4. Vintage...food fabric? I actually dont know what this is...but I like it. ;)

Oh...and this...

Sometimes I get the urge to sing "A whole new world" in the car. So sue me.

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  1. I'd say you made out with some pretty awesome things! The spotted belt and the rainbow mug are my favs. But I've got to admit, it would be nice to burst into some Disney princess songs in my car. ;-)


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