Apr 11, 2013

Candy Time! Eiffel Bonbons - Strawberry Chewy Candy

 These candies were another world market find. They're by Eiffel, and are apparently popular with French clubs and organizations. I picked the strawberry version (they come in green apple as well), mostly because they are a super great pink color. 

The candies are a dark pink in color, with a white powdery coating that I assume keeps them from sticking together. They have a nice smell, a very artificial strawberry scent but still nice. When you first pop them in your mouth, they're mildly sweet without a strong flavor. The more you chew on them (as they are very chewy, almost starburst like, candies) the stronger the flavor gets, becoming almost tart near the end. The flavor is, I guess, strawberry. It just tastes pink, which I have no problems with. The texture is great, they don't stick to your teeth, and the flavor doesn't linger in your mouth too long after eating them.

I really enjoyed these! They're addicting and the tartness is a nice touch. I like that they're not overwhelmingly sweet. I'd definitely buy them again, and I'd like to try the apple flavor as well. 
The bag was $1.99 at World Market.

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