Oct 26, 2010


Observation : If you look at the word 'camouflage' long enough, it ceases to be a word. In fact, it doesn't make sense at all and almost seems like a kind of mucus. Which is another weird word.


Obviously, this is a very fall inspired outfit. I found this cardigan for a dollar at a local thrift store, and although mustard isn't a color (or a condiment) that I usually go for, I snatched it up. But I actually really like it! To stop the outfit from being to overwhelmingly coordinated, I threw in these bright blue tights. The beanie I got in a craftster fall swap last year, and I love love love it! I might contact the girl again to make me some more in turquoise, forest green, and...mustard *gasp*. This could be a new obsession...

 I look certifiably insane in this picture. lol

Outfit Details

Cardigan - Thrifted and super cheap - NY&CO
Tank top - Thrifted
Skirt - Rue 21
Tights - Walmart (and a dollar!)
Boots - Thrifted
Heart Purse - Modcloth
Ring - Prize from the childrens Sack Races that I helped out with at work.
Necklaces - Handmade and Claire's
Beanie - Handmade, craftster swap


  1. These pictures are incredible dear.
    Remind me to fly out and go thrifting with you. ;)

  2. You look wonderful! I love the blue tights with this look. Now I wanna dig through my drawer of tights, there might be some blue ones ;-)

  3. You and I should do dollie makeup tomorrow. I'd be your forever friend!! Hope you had a great Halloween dear! :)

  4. Amber, I'm game! Watch for my post.


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