Jan 9, 2009

My Kingdom for a Dunny

I got these three for Christmas from my fabulous boyfriend. They're dunnys, by KidRobot. Arent they CUTE??? Some of them cost a ridiculous amount, but....man. Adorable. I think I'm hooked, and have to get about 50 more. Love love love~

I did a lot of cleaning/folding/organizing this morning in my craft room. Now everything is *sorta* in its place. Above is another Christmas gift, a Unicornasaurus, also by KidRobot. How Amazing! The box is covered in all sorts of colorful artwork that I just adore.

Above that is a print of Red Riding Hood by one of my favorite artists ever, moonlightwhispers. Her work is amazing, and she's super talented. Check out her etsy shop, so you can fall in love with her too!

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