Jan 18, 2009

He only spoons with Lions and Tigers.

This is Gladiator.

He was rescued from an indoor fleamarket and has been a focal point in this house since Phillip bought him and took him home 5 years ago. And although some people don't understand why I love and accept him as the focal point of our living area, I really do like the thing. How many people have a larger than life Roman soldier by their dining table? Not too many. My house is full of random things, most of them Phillips, and I love sharing them with people!

The hall of movies. Well, part of it anyway. The third shelf down is nothing but horror movies all the way across, so I have to avert my eyes whenever Im searching for a film. I'm that big of a wuss. Strange how I ended up with a horror movie fanatic who collects anything related to the subject.

Strange little world.

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