Dec 11, 2012

Mini Review - Super Paper Mario for Wii

 I have a really bad habit of getting really close to the end of a game and just...stopping.

It's not that I don't want to finish it, I just get distracted really easily. Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy X (which I finished 2 years after I started...seriously...), and Kingdom Hearts 2 have all been victims to my laziness. More recently, however, has been Super Paper Mario for the Nintendo Wii.

A couple of years ago, I rented this game and played through it for a few days until I had to return it. (Seriously, does anyone actually finish a game by the rental deadline?) Fast forward until a couple of months ago when my lovely boyfriend purchased the game for me as a gift! Fortune! Immediately I started it up and began to play it again. I loved it just as much as I did the first time. Of course, I got to the very last part where you're re-fighting all the bosses on your way to Count Bleck...and stopped.

I'm a terrible person. I also got very distracted by Dragon Quest VIII. Which is amazing.

Anyway, I eventually finished the thing and here's what I thought!

 - It's freaking adorable! Even Bowser is cuddle worthy.
 - The ability to flip dimensions (2D to 3D) to find treasure, secret passageways, and lots of coins.
 - Great humor! From a simulated dating game to obscure Earthbound references, it's lots of fun.
 - The levels are all pretty well designed with just enough puzzle fun to give it some difficulty.  
 - There's a fun horizontal shooter level which was a nice surprise.
 - You can switch between your main characters! They each have their own specialty, from Luigi's
    super jump to Bowser's flame attack. It makes for some fun strategy in battle.
 - There's so much to do! From collecting recipes and enemy cards, to the Pit of 100 Trials, there
    is a lot to do besides the main story.

 -The only problems that I had with this game were a couple of the levels. The OverThere and Outer Space were just pains. Not particularly difficult, just repetitive and annoying.

Overall, I think this is a fantastic game! Some may think it's childish, but it's well designed and has enough humor to keep you smiling throughout. Especially level 3. So great.

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