Oct 13, 2012

Back to Hogwarts Swap - Packages

If you like to sew, crochet, draw, bead, etc, etc, etc and you have not visited Craftster.org....you need to go there right now. Like now. Not only can you share the wonderful things that you make, you can participate in themed swaps. I've been involved in these for years, and they're the best. Okay, so sometimes you get some duds or you get flaked on...but other times you get great handmade things that are made especially for YOU. Like I said, the best.

My most recent swap was the 'Back to Hogwarts' swap, where you made things that were, you guessed it, themed around Harry Potter. 

This is what I sent to my partner.
That Ravenclaw embroidery took forever and a day. I can't even say how many episodes of Dirty Jobs went into the making of that. Apart from that, I made two ornaments (a potion bottle & a snitch), and a canvas pouch with the name of her favorite wizard book shop.

This is what I received. 

Three glow in the dark hooplas with constellations, a Ravenclaw hoodie, and a dishrag with a Chocolate Frog in the stitches. So great!

This was a really great swap and I enjoyed the heck out of it. :)

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