Mar 30, 2011

Thrift Haul - 03/30/2011

A good chunk of my March thrift store finds! Thrifting is one of my absolute favorite pastimes, and sometimes I get the coolest stuff ever.

 Disney Villains picture frame - $4.00

 Various Sewing Supplies and Fabric - $4.00

 Mushroom SET. Plate, jar, ladle, and lid. WHAAAAT?! The bottom has a Happy Birthday inscription from 1973. - $10.00

 Set of cups/bowls/???. They look like flower petals and are just adorable. - $2.50 for set of 3
 Vintage Mr. and Mrs. Bird hooks from 1970. How could I not take these home?! - $5.00

New York and Co. scarf - .50 cents


  1. Rae those are some great finds. I actually made 2 mushroom canister sets in the 70's and now my 20 year old daughter thinks they are "cool"!
    You found some great things but I have to say the mushroom set is my favorite. Thrifting is my number one fun thing to do also!

  2. I collect mushrooms, so I definitely would have been grabbing that set as well. And the birdies are SO adorable! Love your style. ;-)


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