May 18, 2009

Dino Love

I think that t shirts make the best bags. They're colorful, soft, and strong...all the things you need for a great everyday tote! Here are a couple that I recently put up.

This one is a fave, and Im so tempted to keep it. It was made from a No Boundries shirt, and a canary yellow linen. It's also got a little yellow heart button to keep things extra cute!

And then we've got the super cool Mario Bros. Plumbing tote! I love it. The image is a raised velvet, and looks vintage and awesome. Bright red lining, and a dotted base.

Ive got a huge bin of tshirts to delve into and create into bags, so more will be on the way!


  1. saw this on craftster and just wanted to say how awesome it looks. My fave is the Mario one.

  2. have you ever seen the mario movie. The one with real actors? I loved it as a kid and this post reminded me of it =)


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